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Easy Retail Jackpots is a straight-forward course that teaches you a straight-forward way to make real money by selling physical goods on Amazon… That’s why this page isn’t full of hype and other crap.


I’ve been making money online for over seven years using various methods, and I can say without a doubt that Easy Retail Jackpots is the EASIEST way to make extra money from home.


There are NONE of the barriers typically associated with making money online. So if you haven’t been successful before, but have the drive and the ambition, you really should consider trying out Easy Retail Jackpots today – it may mark a HUGE turning point for you.


So if you’re at all curious about how I pull in $6K every month on Amazon… without dealing with websites, traffic, affiliate commissions, branding my own products, or ANY other hassle… then pay attention to the details below.

What Makes Easy Retail Jackpots Different From Other Amazon Courses?

Lots of Amazon courses teach you how to private label (or create a brand and stick your brand name on products) products and then sell them on Amazon – there is a ton more work and risk involved in this.


You need to buy bulk items, pay for the branding, and really know what you’re doing.


Inside Easy Retail Jackpot, you check a few “secret” sections of your local Walmart/Target/Kmart/where ever you do your regular shopping…


…check if items will sell for 40% or more on Amazon (you do this in two easy and fun steps using your smartphone)…


…and sell the winners on Amazon!


It is that easy… which is the whole point.


No branding, no tiny affiliate commissions, just making big money on the difference in price between items in your store and on Amazon – and there’s a “big money difference” for dozens of items in stores near you right now!

So to pocket that cash difference for yourself, get inside Easy Retail Jackpots and discover:

  • How to get setup on Amazon in minutes from now. No need to build your own web-store, hell, you don’t even need your own domain name nor hosting!

  • You’ll never have to struggle for traffic! All traffic will come direct from Amazon. Talk about the easy way to be seen by millions of people with no effort.

  • You’ll find cheap products in local stores, and I’ll reveal the two simple iphone/android apps that will show you what’s HOT, and what you can sell for profit on Amazon IMMEDIATELY.

  • Not just, shopping, but EASY shopping. There’s no need to look beyond your local Walmart, Target or even Dollar Tree to find awesome stuff that you can sell for on Amazon for huge profits.

  • You’ll ALWAYS know if you’re buying a winning product BEFORE you spend a penny!

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Easy Retail Jackpots
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Remember, Easy Retail Jackpots is:

  • An easy, fun way to make money online that doesn’t require a website, traffic, or any technical knowledge at all.
  • I made $6,000+/month on my very first try, only giving it a few hours a week. You stand to earn so much more!
  • You’ll never have to invest in products without knowing they’ll sell for a profit. Little financial risk at all.
  • Help pay off debts, treat yourself and your family, and live more comfortably just by following this easy course.

Included Inside Easy Retail Jackpots Is...

  • Live scouting video on how I find hot selling items to flip for big margins
  • Real case studies show examples of the exact products I've sold and the profits I made
  • Video tutorials on how to setup your account, ship and prep your items
  • Both video and written content so that you can digest the content however you learn best
  • ...And so much more!

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Easy Retail Jackpots

All revenue figures on this page are "gross," as with every business there are expenses involved.